Custom Fit Digital Electronic Hearing Protection & Enhancement SHOOTER Ear Plugs

Custom Fit Digital Electronic Hearing Protection & Enhancement SHOOTER Ear Plugs

Custom Fit Digital Electronic Hearing Protection & Enhancement SHOOTER Ear Plugs

HAD ENOUGH OF THE MUFF? TRY SAFE AND SOUND, IN-THE-EAR, CUSTOM, HEARING PROTECTION & ENANCEMENT! This listing is for one pair of Digital Advantage TM , 100% digital, custom-fit earplugs made right here in AMERICA from E. Digitally processes sound 20,000 times faster than analog.

Choose full or half shell. Note: Full shell recomended for shooting sports. 30-day return UPON YOUR RECEPT OF YOUR DIGITAL CUSTOM EARPLUGS ORDER. Please note: SINCE THESE ARE CUSTOM-FIT-TO-YOUR-EARS... Contact a hearing professional near you to have ear impressions made.


Note: This listing is for 1 pair of custom-fit-to-your-ears earplugs. These Digital Advantage TM custom-fit, hearing protection and enhancement, earplugs work great for individuals looking for outside enhancements of game calls, trap releases, verbal conversation in general surroundings.

Hearing protection estamated between 24dB. The Digital Advantage TM custom-fit hearing protection and enhancement uses the basic backbone of digital technology, with simple bandwidth circuitry.

It features two manual adjustment potentiometers that allow the user to control the bass and treble tones and set them according to their own preference. This means the user has control on setting the audio to their own specific liking much like an equalizer on a stereo system. With these features, the Digital Advantage TM is an excellent choice for active individuals who also maybe slightly hard-of-hearing. Two adjustable tone controls (Bass and Treble). Available in full-shell and half-shell models.

The standard batteries that are used with our units are oxygen/zinc activated batteries. When the pull tab on the battery is removed, oxygen enters through small holes in the top and activating the battery. The clock starts ticking at this point for your 140-200+ hours of the battery life. It will drain faster when left in the unit and in the on position than removed - BUT it will continue draining nonetheless. You can try to slow it down by putting the tab back on it, however the air inside is still burning up. Our units will indicate a low battery level with some beeping, but it is always wise to have a some extra new batteries with you at all times. No one wants to be left unprotected when they need it most. There is an option for rechargeable batteries, too. 200 Hz - 6300 Hz. 1 year full and 2 year limited. Please contact me, Kevin, with any questions. We only sell high quality products for the lowest price possible. We work directly and only with US.

All our products are verifiably authentic. We usually take a loss. We operate at the slimmest of margins to bring you the best value for your dollar. We always have and always will.

We only work with licenced U. Over 90% of our products are made in the USA. We sell top quality safety, health & wellness products. From Hearing Protection To Therapeutic Sleep Water Pillows.

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  • Custom Fit Digital Electronic Hearing Protection & Enhancement SHOOTER Ear Plugs